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Big day! My first guest post (ever!) was published on Grow Christians, a blog currently under the guidance of a new editor who, in my ever so humble opinion, is a rockstar!

Help me up; this is my song

My great-grandmother was so influential in my spiritual formation, and this piece is a tribute to her.

My second post appeared in June, where I detail why we strive for consistency in taking our children to church, even when it’s not easy.

Grow Christians


Getting Four Girls Out the Door and Into Church

My third post appeared in August, which details why our church is such a special place for our youngest daughter to grow and thrive, even with her developmental delays.

Parenting Children to Grow Outside our Comfort Zones

Parenting Children to Grow Outside of Comfort Zones


My fourth post appeared in October, which relates to parents and children who find themselves uncomfortable with who God made them to be.

God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

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