1. Hello!

    This was a beautifully written post!

    Isn’t it the truth though? Sippies are always disappearing around our house too. That and getting so moldy by the time we find them that no sane person would try to wash and reuse them.

    The two sippies that you recommended… do they leak at all? It’s so hard to find ones that don’t leak.

    Pinning this post for later.


    • Cece

      Thanks Brooke! I am FOREVER complaining about sippy cups, and leaking and mold are the biggest complaints. The Thermos brand, even with repeated washing (both by hand and in the dishwasher) still maintain a good seal and don’t leak. My older girls (3rd and Kindergarten) have had the Kleen Kanteens for sports over the past year, with no leaking there either, unless they forget to push the spout back down. But they only made that mistake once 😉

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