What Do I Call You Now?

Her inquiring eyes looked down on me, mixed with confusion and curiosity. “Do we call you Doctor now, Mrs. Christian?” It wasn’t long ago those same eyes looked up at me, instead of down. As a close friend of my daughter, I had watched her grow and thrive, along with the rest of the gaggle … [Read more…]

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

A favorite author and podcast host reminds me frequently that what goes on inside our heads might be the place that requires the most selective filter. The ongoing narrative, circulating through our minds, is probably the most critical story we will ever write. How we choose to believe our story scripts our legacy. There is … [Read more…]

Boldness, With Caution

boldly advocating for our kids

I dropped the paperwork on my desk in an exhausted heap. It landed on top of another pile of forms, scattered haphazardly across the space. This buried an additional pile of documents, each with more pressure, disguised as helpful guidance, for parents trying to educate their children at home. Even with the support of their … [Read more…]